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The China8 Project

Print Design, Web Design and Development

The China 8 Project approached Blue Flavor with a short time frame and a whole lot needing done.

In a little under a month we tackled a rush print job, a custom CMS install and an end-to-end web design and development job. China8 was one of those classic “we need everything and we need it now” projects.

We were able to design the site, build a custom CMS in Django, integrate the XHTML/CSS templates and do a very high quality printed brochure all in about three weeks. Our client was amazed (and very happy) and we’re very proud of what we were able to deliver in such a short time period.

The concept behind the design (and the project) was forming bonds across cultures. China8’s vision was to use the 2008 Summer Olympics as a backdrop for an interesting and compelling new way of doing philanthropy. Sadly, the project ran into quite a few problems in the months that followed our launch and that vision was never realized. However, we feel we did what we could and, despite the ultimate failure of the project itself, still look at the design and execution of our little piece as a great accomplishment.

About the companies behind the project

Erudite, Inc., a containerized shipping logistics and security firm, and GBoards, the innovator of the global billboard concept, joined their their patented technologies, making it possible for advertisers and brand managers to strategically target and track outdoor advertising through multiple international markets.

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China8 Screen
China8 Screen

About China8

The China8 Project is the joint launch, and related philanthropic effort, of two companies bringing a new low-cost, high impact-advertising medium to the world.

  • Industry: Advertising