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Brian Fling’s interview and his Getting Mobile article

August 2nd, 2006 at 9:28 a.m.

Brian Fling has been a busy man these last few days. Aside from working with clients, getting new clients, and helping run the business here at Blue Flavor he has also managed to get some works published.

First up is his interview on HARVEST Gazette. This interview is part of the New Founders Program and talks a lot about our business but also ties it into how we use Harvest. For those who don’t know what Harvest is, it’s a online time tracking tool. It’s very simple and to the point, yet powerful and effective. Yes, we did at one point give up on all online time tracking tools in trade for paper timesheets but even paper has it’s limitations. Harvest really solved all of our problems and was easy enough to use that we decided to move all time tracking into Harvest. We’ll still keep the paper timesheets around the office for noting hours on if needed, but it’s all digital from here out.

Second, Brian has published an article on Getting Mobile on Digital Web Magazine. In his article he helps explain the mobile landscape (or as Brian calls it, the Mobile Ecosystem) and brushes on the concept of the mobile web a little. For those who are just trying to understand the mobile landscape this article is a must.

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