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Movable Type 4 beta

June 5th, 2007 at 1:01 p.m.

Anil Dash tells me that Six Apart has announced the beta release of Movable Type 4. To start with the new release now includes more advanced community features, improved modular architecture, as well as enhanced interface and improved asset management system to name a few.

Some of the first things you will notice is the improved installation wizard, advanced WYSIWYG editor, and improved system dashboard but that’s just the obvious stuff. Once exploring a little deeper you will see added support for things like OpenID, LDAP, database caching, support for tiered multi-server implementations, more flexibility in support for multiple platforms (Linux, Windows and Solaris) and databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server).

Also with this release comes a new platform architecture for things like Feature Packs which is their new component based architecture that allows the core platform to grow without bloat (i.e. use what you need to use, what you don’t use doesn’t install). Also the new architecture allows for ease in creating mashups and social communities.

The beta is worth kicking the tires on. Six Apart plans on making more feature announcements over the next few months. Movable Type 4 is scheduled to ship in Q3 of 2007. The MT4 release also follows on the heels of their announcement with HP on Print 2.0.

Nick Finck

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