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Motive’s Advent 2.0 praised

November 4th, 2008 at 4:11 p.m.

Motive Interactive has released a new version of its advertising platform, called Advent 2.0, and the new user interface has gotten a lot of praise lately. Blue Flavor worked with Motive to create the front-end design of their previous system Advent 1.0. We are exited to see Motive continue to develop this system and flattered that they kept many Blue Flavor inspired design features from the first version intact. recently published a story on the new release that goes into a lot of detail. Jeremy Schoemaker explains: “At first glance, I’m really impressed. The interface is fast-loading and easy to use. …2.0 looks pretty sweet. I guess it’s run off of an ajax system, so everything is running off of one page. Very nice.”

You can read more about the details of our work with Motive Interactive in the Motive case study. It’s really nice to see our work so well received. Of course, it helped that we had a very cool client, who saw the value Blue Flavor brought to the table.

Nick Finck

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