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Pricing Guide

A quick and dirty guide to how much our services cost

We ask potential clients for their budgets and figured it's only fair that we share our own pricing information, even though it's fairly hard to give ballpark estimates about how much a project will cost. Each project is different, each client is different, and as such each warrants a unique approach. It's important to note: the more information you give us up front, the more accurate we can be with your estimate.

Having said that, we do have a good idea (based on the outcomes of successful projects) of what our services generally cost and we understand that it can be helpful to have a starting point, even a rough one. Here we've listed some of our common services and a common range indicating the costs involved.

Take all of this with a grain of salt!

A "Typical" Web Site Redesign Project

A typical mid-size, end-to-end web site redesign might look like the following, depending on how much work we do. Here is an example of the costs broken down:

  • Discovery and Project Management: 2.5k
  • Information Architecture (Reworking site structure, information layout, calls to actions, user interface, navigation, etc.): 10k
  • Interactive Visual Design (One design direction, 2-3 rounds of revision): 12k
  • A small set of XHTML/CSS templates: 6k
  • A simple Content Management System (ExpressionEngine) install, configure and set up: 6k
  • Content migration and build out: 5k-15k depending on the size of the site.
  • Grand Total: Around 40k

Now, of course, if you have in-house resources you might want to do the content migration and build out yourself. That's generally a good idea, with the caveat that sometimes we can do a better job with that and pay a bit more attention to specific page-level design detail, etc. If you go that route then you're looking at 30k or so.

Again, every estimate we do is strictly tailored to the needs of our potential clients and can vary greatly from project to project.

What you don't see in the above list are things like quality assurance, browser compatibility testing, creative assistance with marketing/branding, SEO, etc. Many of those things are baked in to our process and when they warrant special attention they're not nearly as straightforward to estimate.

See How We Decide What To Charge You for more on how we estimate.

Other Common Services

A few more, less detailed, examples:

  • Visual web design w/ HTML/CSS templates: $10k-20k (Depends largely on number of unique templates.)
  • Mobile design w/ HTML/CSS templates: $10k-15k (Depends largely on number of unique templates.)
  • Web Application re-design w/ HTML/CSS templates: $15k-25k (Depends largely on number of unique templates.)
  • E-commerce design and development: $20-40k
  • Custom web application design and development: $50-100k
  • Maintenance, consulting or retainer: $150-$180/hr

Of course, this isn't an exhaustive list of our services. There is much more we can do for you. If you're interested or simply have questions about how we can help, please get in touch.

Still Have Questions?

The best way to get to know us is to meet us in person, but we hope we can give you a snapshot of what we’re all about on this site.

Feel free to look at our work, read our blog or see what our clients have to say about us. And of course you can always contact us.