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Testimonials from Our Clients

We do our best to be easy to work with, and communication is a big part of that. Ultimately we find that communication is essential to establishing and maintaining good relationships, and a central part of any good project. This requires talking to people. Speaking of talking, here's what our clients have to say about us.

Blue Flavor designed an intuitive and beautiful site that encourages members to create valuable connections; the most important aspect in online collaborative language learning.”

Bryan Hurren — Director of Product Marketing , Livemocha

“If Blue Flavor was a video game character, which one would it be? Mrs. Pacman. Because she is simple, sexy and future proof.”

Jake Fields — Marketing Manager, Motive Interactive

Blue Flavor has a great team and a solid process. Working with them was a wonderful experience—from the initial stages all the way down to project management. They have a truly communicative, smart, and capable team. We would absolutely work with them again!”

Scot Madill — Director of Product Management, QL2

The team at Blue Flavor managed a difficult task, meeting a tight schedule while accommodating some changes to the scope of our project. Every question we asked, even the simple ones, was addressed promptly and professionally, without any hint that our inquiry was beneath them.”

Marty Roberts — Director of Marketing, thePlatform

Blue Flavor came to understand the type of client Truston is and our personality. I got the sense that they adapted their approach and language for us and that really helped.”

Tom Fragala — CEO, Truston

The dedication of savy web professionals dedicated to delivering on time and under budget was the key factor affecting our success.”

Chris Stewart — Director of Web Communications, University of Denver

When we look at what our upcoming projects will be, Blue Flavor has a spot at the top of the short list of people we want to work with when we need expertise in user experience, interaction design and web development. We’d love to work with them again!”

Kevin Stewart — Engineering Manager, Adobe

It’s a pleasure working with you guys. We have worked with quite a lot of consulting/contractors, and I’ll say the Blue Flavor experience is the best so far.”

James Cao — President, Gaia Online

We chose Blue Flavor after interviewing four of their previous customers. I can only hope that our customers talk about Skydeck the way Blue Flavor’s customers talk about them: smart, passionate about great user experience, highly effective, and great to work with. And you know what? It’s true.”

Jason Devitt — CEO, Skydeck

We were impressed with Blue Flavor’s structured and transparent approach to our project. From the first estimate through to the finished templates we knew exactly where things stood and what the next steps were. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

Matthew Howard — Director of Electronic Publishing, New York Review of Books

Blue Flavor delivered a fantastic-looking and completely new UI for Playbook — on schedule and under budget. I didn’t know all those four adjectives could ever be mentioned in the same sentence!

Every company has a different culture, and a different approach to working together. Tom (Watson) understood how to communicate with our team perfectly from day one, and was able to guide us through the design process successfully, avoiding ratholes and focusing us on the truly valuable stuff.”

Max Caceres — Director of Research & Development, Matasano Security

The team at Blue Flavor was great to work with. They listened to our input and delivered an outstanding final product that was not only on time, but actually ahead of schedule every step of the way. They were excellent in receiving feedback from our large group and graciously accommodated our requests. I would highly recommend them. These guys are terrific.”

Dr. Richard W. Joseph — Fellow, AAOMS

Blue Flavor helped us achieve a much clearer picture for first-time visitors to the site, as well as make it much easier for those experienced with SXSW to find the appropriate information. Their work really improved our online dialogue and conversation with our community. Blue Flavor is very serious about listening to client needs and feedback… and that makes all the difference.”

Shawn O'Keefe — Interactive Festival Producer, SXSW

We are very detail-oriented at Mithun. We pride ourselves on delivering a product beyond the expectations of our client. Blue Flavor obviously shares this same philosophy. We were never disappointed. They were constantly in touch and highly organized. The speed at which they could deliver an answer or solution left us relaxed and con?dent.”

Curt Pilier — Associate Principal, Director of Brand, Mithun

“Our project was on an extremely tight timeline from the onset. The entire Blue Flavor team worked diligently (sometimes nights and weekends) to complete each task on time. What more, they focused on the quality of the final product instead of a set of stated “deliverables”. Great job guys!”

Joey Rudisill — CIO, First Tech Credit Union and OTS

We identified folks who could help us with the technology and design to help mold the dream into reality. We looked at and chose Blue Flavor for a variety of reasons, however the primary reason was experience.”

Gary Love — Director of Product Development, The Houston Chronicle

More About Us

The best way to get to know us is to meet us in person, but we hope we can give you a snapshot of what we’re all about on this site.

Feel free to look at our work, view our services read our blog or see what our clients have to say about us. And of course you can always contact us.

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