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In August of 2006 Motive came to Blue Flavor to increase the quality and accountability of their online presence Motive Interactive, as well as consult on both the visual and interactive design of their lead generation platform, Advent.

After sifting through the various top agencies, they selected Blue Flavor based on “their grasp of current web standards as well as their thorough awareness of emerging technologies,” as Jake Fields, Motive Interactive’s Marketing Manager, relayed.

Strategic Design Challenges

As a leading interactive ad agency, Motive Interactive wanted to develop a unique design and layout that was consistent with Motive’s current and past branding, while pushing a professional yet fun look. We were able to work with them to overcome a lot of these challenges by doing what we do best: listening to the customer.

Jake describes the communication process, saying, “I appreciated Blue Flavor’s ability to digest our thought process and then run with it. As an interactive advertising agency we have a ton of design and web dev experience. We wanted to work with a team that could communicate on our level and Blue Flavor’s ability to do so made this a success.”

Web Standards

We at Blue Flavor believe in working to get the best from web standards-based development, and this was one of the main reasons we were selected for the project. “Blue Flavor was able to help us build a site that delivered on those values by ensuring our site was in compliance with World Wide web Consortium (W3C) user accessibility guidelines and current standards-based web development protocol.” It was great to work with a client that immediately saw the value of web-standards but remained focused on what really matters, the user experience.

Advent Screen
Advent Screen

In addition to designing and building web sites, we strive to teach people more about the web design and development process. In the end, it’s these people who make web sites work. With the high level of technical knowledge at Motive Interactive, we were able to go much farther into the process than we’re usually able to.

Over the course of this project I was definitely enlightened on the full power of CSS. It is very tempting to try to keep a corporate site design internal, especially for a technology company, but there is definitely a lot of value in taking a project of this importance to the pros. If you have it done correctly the first time around, you can save a lot of time in the long run.”


Working with Motive Interactive was a wonderful experience. We did some great work together and had fun doing it. One of our new favorite client quotes probably sums up the experience best:

If Blue Flavor was a video game character, which one would it be? Mrs. Pacman. Because she is simple, sexy and future proof.”

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Motive Poster by Anton Peck
Motive Poster by Anton Peck

In their words

“If Blue Flavor was a video game character, which one would it be? Mrs. Pacman. Because she is simple, sexy and future proof.”

Jake Fields — Marketing Manager, Motive Interactive

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