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Note the application was called “Clockwork” when the case study was originally written. Since we completed the project, Matasano Security has changed the application name to “Playbook”.

Clockwork is a web-based tool that manages firewalls, which are IT network security tools that help people secure their networks from unwanted traffic on the internet. In recent years, companies have begun to rely on multiple firewalls for added security—Clockwork was created to help simplify the process of control and management of these.

Playbook (formerly Clockwork): Home Screen
Playbook (formerly Clockwork): Home Screen

Matasano Security came to us with an unreleased version of Clockwork that was heavily feature-driven. Our primary goals were to make the application easier to use and more visually consistent. To do this, we shifted the focus from features themselves to the actual tasks users were doing with Clockwork. Through careful observation and research into to how users truly engaged with the application, we were able to structure the navigation and visual elements to reflect users’ needs.

By implementing straightforward and user-friendly interaction metaphors, and by creating a tasked-based navigation structure, we made the screens very scan-able and straightforward, thus simplifying the overall use of the application while at the same time greatly increasing consistency.

Playbook (formerly Clockwork): Network Screen
Playbook (formerly Clockwork): Network Screen

We also designed the site to have a clean and crisp feel, successfully blending subtle design elements with solid IA to give it a balanced look. We knew Matasano needed a design that would appeal to their target audience of IT professionals while differentiating Clockwork from other services like it, so we ensured it wasn’t too corporate-looking, overly techy, or data-driven.

The Clockwork job required expertise in user interaction and design, as well as great technical skill in developing templates that could be immediately integrated. By tailoring our process along the way, we provided Clockwork with the exact deliverables they needed while building their product.

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Playbook (formerly Clockwork)
Playbook (formerly Clockwork)

In their words

Blue Flavor delivered a fantastic-looking and completely new UI for Playbook — on schedule and under budget. I didn’t know all those four adjectives could ever be mentioned in the same sentence!

Every company has a different culture, and a different approach to working together. Tom (Watson) understood how to communicate with our team perfectly from day one, and was able to guide us through the design process successfully, avoiding ratholes and focusing us on the truly valuable stuff.”

Max Caceres — Director of Research & Development, Matasano Security

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