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Truston, leaders in identity theft and protection, chose Blue Flavor to design and develop their corporate web site. We provided information architecture, design, and web standards-based development, as well as development, integration and implementation for their content management system.

Strategic Positioning Challenges

One of our main challenges was communicating the uniqueness of the service in a relatively new market. Truston CEO Tom Fragala explains, “We were doing something that no one has really done before. And it’s going to be offered to a broad consumer audience.” Blue Flavor worked with Truston to define the kind of user experience that would be the right fit for this new service.

One of the conclusions we came to early on was that the site architecture and design had to be simplified to their basic components to ensure it was easy to use for a broad and diverse audience. Even though Truston doesn’t require the disclosure of sensitive personal data, the site still had to help the user identify with and be comfortable using the service. The site had to communicate the same level of professionalism and trust that Truston stands for.

Moving Fast

Truston had a very specific launch date in mind. They wanted to announce the service at an industry event, which meant the deadline couldn’t be missed. But there was a catch: The deadline gave us a very short time in which to get quite a lot done.

Tom explains that through clear communication and the efficient use of project management tools, Blue Flavor was able to keep the project moving swiftly. As Tom said, “They do a good job of setting expectations and goals ahead of time and tracking those closely throughout the project. Between that and the communication, we spent less time spinning wheels and met the deadline.”

Because of our open communication style and the collaborative nature of how we work, we were able to meet the client’s deadline without sacrificing the integrity of the project. Oh, and we met Truston’s budget requirements as well. The end result? A successful project from start to finish.

Knowing the Client

So what made this project a success? We asked Tom Fragala for his thoughts on this: “Of course, it’s not one thing. They have technology expertise, design prowess, solid project management skills. Also, Blue Flavor has a pretty good feel for managing clients and knowing when to say yes and when to stop and ask ‘hey should we be doing this?’”

Asking why is often an important, and frequently overlooked, factor in producing a website. Blue Flavor took the initiative to really understand Truston’s business. We wanted to ensure that the site we built for them matched their philosophy and vision. “I think that after a while they came to understand what type of client Truston is and our personality,” Tom explained. “I got the sense that they adapted their approach and language for us and that really helped.”


With lots of hard work, creativity, flexibility and open communication, Blue Flavor was able to work with Truston to keep their project moving while under a tight deadline. The result was a great site launched on time, on budget and above expectations.

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myTruston Screen
myTruston Screen

In their words

Blue Flavor came to understand the type of client Truston is and our personality. I got the sense that they adapted their approach and language for us and that really helped.”

Tom Fragala — CEO, Truston

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About Truston

Truston is an identity theft prevention and recovery services company based in Santa Barbara, California. They've got a web-based service called MyTruston which offers free credit inspection services to help customers proactively discover identity theft as well as complete ID theft recovery solutions -- all without requiring the disclosure of sensitive personal data.

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