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Skydeck is a web application that unlocks the valuable information hidden in your phone bill. It allows you to easily import data from your online statements and clearly lists and categorizes call data, revealing a history of your communications with friends and co-workers and helping you manage the cost of your phone calls.

Skydeck Application Screen
Skydeck Application Screen

Skydeck came to Blue Flavor with a fairly simple, yet challenging, problem. They initially needed to re-work the interface and look and feel of their alpha application to get it ready for beta. Their alpha wasn’t fully functional and they didn’t have a whole lot of time. It was tough project to tackle, but just the kind of challenge we’re into..

We started by doing a thorough review of the application, offering up quick fixes and recommendations about the overall experience they could act upon right away. This alone improved the sign-up and initial impression of the application and was a great first step towards what we hoped would be a very polished experience.

We then moved into a very aggressive design phase, exploring and nailing down basic interaction as well as an engaging and thoughtful look and feel. This whole first phase took about three weeks and the result was a refined and very usable beta application.

Immediately after the beta launch we worked with the Skydeck team to refine the interactions and create several new screens and areas of advance functionality. This work became the foundation for some of the more compelling features of the product, which, with an amazing effort from the dev team at Skydeck, was rolled out very quickly.

Skydeck Homepage Screen
Skydeck Homepage Screen

In addition to application design work, we spent a few weeks completely overhauling their corporate web site design. We refined their brand experience and did our very best to convey the polish we were developing in the application to the corporate site. The result is a cohesive and engaging experience throughout, and everyone is really happy with the results.

At the time of this writing Skydeck is still in beta, but it feels like a pretty robust, solid and full-featured application. We’re really proud of the work we’ve done and excited to see how it matures. Skydeck is doing good things and we’re so honored to be a part of it.

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Skydeck poster by Joe Alterio
Skydeck poster by Joe Alterio

In their words

We chose Blue Flavor after interviewing four of their previous customers. I can only hope that our customers talk about Skydeck the way Blue Flavor’s customers talk about them: smart, passionate about great user experience, highly effective, and great to work with. And you know what? It’s true.”

Jason Devitt — CEO, Skydeck

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About Skydeck

Skydeck is an online service that helps people to take control of their cell phones and their cell phone bills.

Skydeck first unlocks the valuable information hidden in your cell phone bill. Our secure software fetches your bills from your cell phone company and combines that information with your address book to show you your true social network: the people you talk to and text every day.