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Video and Podcasts from SXSW Interactive

April 6th, 2006 at 11:26 a.m.

SXSW Interactive has published a video of the Design Eye for the List Guy panel that D. Keith Robinson participated in. You can access the video right here in three different levels of quality:

You can also see the final results right on the Design Eye web site. However, for those who prefer the podcast you’ll have to wait until June 13th when SXSW Interactive is schedule to publish the podcast.

Meanwhile you can also check out the podcast and web site for the Starting Small: web Business for the Rest of US panel that I participated in at SXSWi.

Also look for the releases of Demystifying the Mobile web that Brian Fling participated in to be published on May 9th and How (and Why) to Podcast and Event that Matt May participated in to be published on May 16th.

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