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InfoCamp Seattle 2007

October 11th, 2007 at 12:17 a.m.

For those of you who are going to be in the Seattle area this weekend, I will be doing the keynote presentation for InfoCamp. InfoCamp is a BarCamp conference for information architecture, libraries, user experience design, interaction design, usability, user-centered design, and information science research.

My talk is going to be an expanded version of my Contextual Web presentation, but instead of getting into technical details and code I am going to expand the talk to encompass how we interact with technology as a whole and how we acquire information using that technology. The conference is this Saturday and Sunday and Digital Web Magazine is also a proud sponsor of the event. Meals will be provided and it looks like it’s going to have a pretty good turnout. Hope to see you there! You can RSVP on but you won’t be able to get in unless you actually register online with InfoCamp via BrownPaperTickets.

Nick Finck

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