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EH Publishing approached Blue Flavor with a dilemma: they needed a redesign of one of their leading online publications, and they needed it very quickly. They wanted a complete redesign, including information architecture, interaction design and visual design. They also needed a few templates they could quickly and easily integrate into their existing content management system.

Building a Foundation

Blue Flavor began by taking a long hard look at how their content was organized. CE-Pro is a great resource with simply a ton of amazing content for custom electronics professionals. With the redesign they were looking to add even more features and content areas.

Blue Flavor organized the content and features (a new blog, job board, industry news feeds, product reviews, marketplace and lots of great stuff from the magazine) into a logical hierarchy. We then set about clearly displaying the information so readers could easily find what they were looking for.

The Right Design

The folks at EH Publishing were expecting a clean yet audience-appropriate design. They wanted something that displayed their content in an accessible, readable way, while creating a cutting edge feel that would resonate with their readers. On top of these guidelines were a few additional constraints, such as a multitude of content and ads.

Building on the foundation of information architecture and interaction design, we went with something bold and organized and did our very best to work with CE-Pro’s constraints.

The result was well-received and seemed to fit very well with the overall feel of the print magazine and its target audiences.

Quality Development Quickly

The folks a CE-Pro were on a tight timeline for implementing the design. One of the reasons they chose Blue Flavor was because of our extensive experience with web standards-based development. It paid off. We were able to develop the templates quickly and because we used standards and other industry best practices, their internal development resources were able to get everything worked out and plugged in very, very quickly.

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Since 1994, EH Publishing has grown to become the most prominent media company in the field of home technology, offering top consumer and trade magazines, trade shows, original research, and associated websites.

CEPro Magazine is the leading trade publication for professionals involved in the custom electronics business. Our readers specify and sell technology-related products to homeowners, homebuilders and SMB (small/medium business) owners.

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