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Web Design and Development

Director Drew Emery approached Blue Flavor to help refocus his documentary film site Inlaws and Outlaws. By the time we started working on the project, the movie had a loyal fan base spreading the word. Our main role was to leverage the existing look and re-architect the site to provide current updates and a new section for the grassroots effort, The Hearts and Minds Campaign.

We leveraged a solid design with strong ties to the film and its makers with web standards development techniques and best practices to bring fans (and potential fans) a solid experience that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Drew came to Blue Flavor with a honest partner in mind, and that’s we did our best to be.

The outcome was something everyone involved was very happy with. We wish Drew and his team the best of luck going forward and we’re very happy to have been a part of this project!

More About the Film

At the top of the film, you meet real people one on one. You don’t know who’s gay or straight or who’s with whom. As their stories unfold and stereotypes fall by the wayside, you won’t care because you’ll be rooting for everybody. With candor, good humor, great music and real heart, Inlaws & Outlaws gets past all the rhetoric to explore what we all have in common.

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Inlaws & Outlaws Screenshot
Inlaws & Outlaws Screenshot

About Inlaws & Outlaws

Inlaws & Outlaws is a film by Drew Emery that cleverly weaves together the true stories of couples and singles— both gay and straight — and all into a collective narrative that is as hilarious as it is heartbreaking.

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