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The Mobile Love team (Chris Whalen and John Solamito) came to Blue Flavor looking for help with the design and build-out of their existing application, which they felt was a little too cold and sterile for their target audience of young, tech-savvy single people.

Our first response was to make the homepage more fun and engaging. We refined it and added a ‘featured members’ section to give people a better description of what Mobile Love was all about and make them feel good about getting involved. We also added a timeline that gives users play-by-play updates of their crushes’ activities. With our redesign, the homepage became a fun and inviting dashboard that showcases user-specified info about all that’s happening on Mobile Love.

To entice people to make frequent updates, we restructured the interior pages to make getting in touch with crushes easy, and used javascript to make the whole process more interactive and playful.

We also worked to make the overall mobile user experience better. Taking the designs we’d done for the browser-based web, we created a mobile version that captured the fun of Mobile Love, but in a truly mobile-specific context. The design targets both traditional mobile devices and full-featured mobile browsers like iPhone, so people can send and receive instant updates no matter what kind of system they’re using.

It’s been a great project so far, and we’ve cultivated a great working relationship with Chris and John over the past few months. Something key to the successful outcome of any project, in our minds. They’ve done an amazing job of helping us polish their application by giving us a good balance of constructive feedback and free reign to work through our ideas.

We can’t wait to work with them again!

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Mobile Love Poster by Elliot Jay Stocks
Mobile Love Poster by Elliot Jay Stocks

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