Blue Flavor

Pen and Paper by Kevin Tamura

Screenshot Gallery

  • Kansas Health Institute
  • MIX 10
  • first tech
  • 97 Bottles Screenshot
  • 29-95 Homepage Screenshot
  • Mithun Screenshot
  • AAOMS Screen Shot
  • Blue Flavor Redesign Screenshot
  • Liquidminded
  • Tickerhound Screen
  • DDB
  • Leaflets Homepage
  • NYRB Homepage Screen
  • Seed Screenshot 2
  • Seed Screenshot 1
  • iTravel Screenshot
  • Winedrip Screenshot
  • Truston Screenshot
  • Screenshot
  • Tipped Mobile Screenshot
  • thePlatform Screenshot
  • Coldwell Banker Previews Screenshot
  • Sonosite Screenshot
  • Skydeck Web Screenshot
  • Skydeck Application Screenshot
  • Radiotime Screenshot
  • Photopreneur Screenshot
  • Nuova Screenshot
  • Motive Web Site Screenshot
  • MediaZone Screenshot
  • HP Magcloud Screenshot
  • Livemocha Screenshot
  • Leaflets Mobile Screenshot
  • Inlaws and Outlaws Screenshot
  • GridNetworks Screenshot
  • Gaia Screenshot
  • Everdream Screenshot
  • DU Screenshot
  • Dotmobi Guide Screenshot
  • CS3 Installer Screenshot
  • Clockwork Screenshot
  • China8 Screenshot

About the screenshot gallery

We're not huge fans of screenshots, because we feel much of work is better experienced than flatly viewed on a screen. However, we also recognize them as an industry standard way of showcasing work, so, here they are.

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