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Blue Flavor was approached by Tipped’s founder Joel Brazil to design and build (from the ground up) this fabulous social application.

A challenging social design, custom Ruby on Rails development, and a very interesting and compelling mobile component made Tipped one of our largest and most challenging projects to date. For its users, Tipped is an online community that allows people to share tips on all the great, and not so great, places in their local area. For us it was an end-to-end, soup-to-nuts project that encompassed almost everything we do.

We started with strategy and user-experience design, and focused on building community as well as a solid, useful and compelling web application experience. We ended with custom mobile work. Oh, and in between we built a large part of the application itself in Rails.

Joel was great to work with and we’re really proud of how it turned out. Since its launch Tipped has proved in spades that combining a good experience, compelling design and solid code is a recipe for success. But don’t take our word for it, go check out Tipped yourself!

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