Blue Flavor

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About Us

User Experience Research and Design

The Basics.

We're a different kind of company.

We’re small, but have big ideas. We’re creative yet approachable. We love technology and at the same time have a deep understanding and empathy for the experience of people.

What we do.

User experience research and design

We’re user experience professionals. We solve problems and we design solutions. The majority of our work is web, mobile or software related. We can help you with user research, interaction design, usability evaluation, visual design, prototyping, user experience training, and more.

For a detailed overview of what we offer, please visit our services page or simply get in touch.

How we work.

We're open, organized, collaborative and iterative.

Blue Flavor is not a typical agency or design firm; in fact, we seek to be the opposite. We believe in working iteratively and transparently, and in fully sharing our expertise and insight with our clients in an open and hands-on manner.

Our process is built on communicating regularly and setting expectations with clients before beginning a task. We review every project after its completion. We also prefer to make little course corrections rather than making big ones, thus saving time and money.

We also develop a customized process and project approach for every client. Our processes are specific to the client's needs, so we never use a “canned strategy” that forces you to change your workflow.

Our Team.

We’re a small team of experienced designers looking to do good work.

Blue Flavor, LLC formed in 2005 with a team that has over 40 years of combined experience. Its staff understands the needs of large and complex organizations and--more importantly--how to balance various goals to create a valuable user experience. Since then we’ve grown smartly from four to seven; still small, and still looking at things differently.

We have a well-rounded team of experts. Core competencies include interactive strategy, information architecture, web standards compliant design, mobile design and development, online communities, content management, thought-leadership strategy, usability consulting, and accessibility. Additional specialties include web marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), web analysis, and user research.

Robots Robots

Our Mascots

Back when we started Blue Flavor we wanted a way to illustrate one of our core philosophies: the idea that, while what we do is very technical and a solid understanding of technology is important, our business is really about people. Thus the tagline: “We Speak People.”

We called upon Joe Alterio to help us illustrate and characterize our thinking. These cute little guys—Bart and Z-Bot—are the result.

More About Us

The best way to get to know us is to meet us in person, but we hope we can give you a snapshot of what we’re all about on this site.

Feel free to look at our work, view our services, check out our pricing guide, read our blog or see what our clients have to say about us. And of course you can always contact us.

Looking for screenshots, look here!