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thePlatform Home Page


thePlatform came to Blue Flavor with a common strategic design problem. They were looking for a partner to help them ...

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97 Bottles Home Page

97 Bottles

The question.

Lots and lots of people love beer. And everyone’s got an opinion about it. Which is why ...

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Mithun, a Seattle-based ?rm that does classy, ecologically sustainable architecture work, came to Blue Flavor looking for a full redesign ...

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AAOMS Home Page


AAOMS (American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons) came to Blue Flavor looking for a full overhaul of their site ...

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Our ears are burning

Blue Flavor designed an intuitive and beautiful site that encourages members to create valuable connections; the most important aspect in online collaborative language learning.”

— Director of Product Marketing , Livemocha

We chose Blue Flavor after interviewing four of their previous customers. I can only hope that our customers talk about Skydeck the way Blue Flavor’s customers talk about them: smart, passionate about great user experience, highly effective, and great to work with. And you know what? It’s true.”

— CEO, Skydeck

We are very detail-oriented at Mithun. We pride ourselves on delivering a product beyond the expectations of our client. Blue Flavor obviously shares this same philosophy. We were never disappointed. They were constantly in touch and highly organized. The speed at which they could deliver an answer or solution left us relaxed and con?dent.”

— Associate Principal, Director of Brand, Mithun